Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Macro photo of a weird looking flower

About this public domain photo blog. I created this public domain photo blog to dedicate my original photos into the public domain. All the pictures, images, paintings, ethcings, drawings, abstract sketches, etc. are my own orginal creations or are modified from my own original pictures. Although I still am the copyright owner of these materials, I am releasing them all into the public domain so anyone is free to use them for any legal purpose (commecial or personal). I really do not care how you use them and I do not even require anything back. A backlink to this blog will be just fine although not required.

weir looking flower macro photo

Description:  When I finally received my Sony 30 mm f/2.8 macro lens, I went crazy on flowers.  I just took so many pictures of flowers I cannot decide which one to share here in my little blog.  Here's one of my favorite flower photos.

Keywords: flower, petals, weird flower, floral
Camera:  Sony NEX C3
Lens:  18-55 mm Sony
Photo License:  public domain
Location:  Atlanta
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Requested Backlink: If you decide to download the image and host it on your site, please use the following backlink.


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